Sustainability Aware — a captivating new series of primary school readers created to inform and engage the next generations about our planet, our current way of life and the choices we can all make to live more sustainably.

Raising aware kids

Kids these days know a fair bit about the many damaging effects humans are having on our environment. After all, they’ve grown up with it.

What we need to make sure of is that they’re equipped with the right tools and the right mindset to make a change.

We believe environmental issues and sustainability need to be taught in a way that instills a sense of responsibility and empowerment instead of fear and anxiety.

The next generation will need to be smarter and more aware when it comes to the environment. They’ll need a firm understanding of environmental effects on the planet we call home.

There’s no better time for kids to learn. And there’s no better time for kids to act.

It’s still not too late to make a difference and paint a brighter future for the generations to follow. And the great thing is, we believe kids can lead the charge! After all, they’re the ones who will have to live with the consequences. We just have to hand them the right tools.

Get aware!

Sustainability Aware presents kids with information about our current way of life and the choices we can make to live more sustainably.

Our mission is to make kids more Earth-focused. We want kids to have a respect for our planet – because it’s the only one we’ve got!

In an engaging and kid-friendly way, our books explain exactly why our Earth is under threat and what we can do to help.

We’re here to challenge the consumer mindset and foster real attitudes of responsibility amongst primary students of all ages. These books will nurture the sense of ownership each child feels towards the world they live in and feel that even the smallest actions can make a change.

These readers cover a broad range of topics to paint a picture of how we can weave sustainable choices into every aspect of our everyday lives.

Kids will learn that there are choices they can make from the food they eat, to the transport they take, and the activities they do in their spare time that can all have a positive and lasting effect on the environment.

Sustainability Aware presents these choices in plain language, making them accessible to young readers. The books provide solid, practical information that kids can relate to their everyday lives.

The series doesn’t pull too many punches. It aims to change the reader’s outlook on the world and set a challenge for kids to adapt their way of living!

Empowering students to change
the world for the better.

Why Sustainability Aware?

Meet Leif, who will join readers on their journey to learn more about sustainability.

Meet Leif, who will join readers on their journey to learn more about sustainability.

It’s smart

The series contains accurate content presenting the facts about where our planet is at, utilizing the most recent scientific research.

It’s accessible

With engaging content, these books transform tricky, theoretical scientific topics into something students can easily grasp. The books draw kids’ interest and looks at how they can actively take part in leading the world to a sustainable future.

The layouts are clear and specially tailored for each grade level. The content is presented in a plain language and is easily understandable. And any difficult words are highlighted and explained in our glossaries.

Each book has informative graphs, diagrams and breakout features to expand on the content and broaden a student’s understanding of the issues.

It’s fun

The books make sustainability fun! From the outset, we had a desire to make taking the sustainable path appealing and achievable. Each book is full of interesting facts and entertaining real-world applications that bring the topic to life.

It’s green

We practice what we preach. All our books are environmentally-friendly and printed locally on sustainably-sourced paper with planet-friendly inks. And with eBook versions on the way, we hope to save even more trees!


It’s educational

Our books are based on the current Australian sustainability curriculum, so they’re perfect for use in the classroom.

Our forthcoming teacher resources and interactive whiteboard content will make teaching about these issues a breeze.

The books are leveled so kids can grow more confident as readers, while they learn about the planet!

Helping make sustainable
choices the new normal.

Launching late 2013

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